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-- 2010 --


East: W L T F A Avg Att Most Outstanding Player Henry Burris (Cgy)
Montreal 12 6 0 521 475 25,012 Most Outstanding Canadian Andy Fantuz (Sask)
Hamilton 9 9 0 481 450 23,890 Most Outstanding Defensive Player Markeith Knowlton (Ham)
Toronto 9 9 0 373 442 22,069 Most Outstanding Rookie Solomon Elimimian (BC)
Winnipeg 4 14 0 464 485 26,074 Coach of the Year Jim Barker (Tor)
West:             Playoffs Tor 16 @ Ham 13
Calgary 12 6 0 626 459 30,715   BC 38 @ Sask 41
Saskatchewan 10 8 0 497 488 30,148   Tor 17 @ Mtl 48
BC 8 10 0 466 466 24,106   Sask 20 @ Calgary 16
Edmonton 7 11 0 382 545 35,025 Grey Cup Montreal 21 Saskatchewan 18


The Montreal Alouettes captured their second Grey Cup in a row over the Saskatchewan Roughriders with a win that did not end in controversy. Marc Trestman captured his second Grey Cup in his third appearance as Alouettes Head Coach since joining the team in 2008. Henry Burris led a potent Stampeder offence and was named Most Outstanding Player. Andy Fantuz, Rob Bagg and Chris Getzlaf formed the Canadian Air Force receiving corps for the Roughriders. Travis Lulay took control as starting QB for the Lions to end the year as the club played out of temporary Empire Stadium. The Eskimos brought Eric Tillman into the fold as GM in midseason and the club surged (5-2) to finish the season. The Argonauts were led by Cory Boyd and made the playoffs under Jim Barker in his first year. Marcel Bellefuille got the Ticats to host a playoff game but they lost to Toronto with Sandro DeAngelis disappointing as kicker. Winnipeg struggled with new starting quarterback Buck Pierce as injuries continued to plague the pivot.





-- 2011 --


East: W L T F A Avg Att Most Outstanding Player Travis Lulay (BC)
Winnipeg 10 8 0 432 432 29,556 Most Outstanding Canadian Jerome Messam (Edm)
Montreal 10 8 0 515 468 20,018 Most Outstanding Defensive Player Jovon Johnson (Wpg)
Hamilton 8 10 0 481 478 23,676 Most Outstanding Rookie Chris Williams (Ham)
Toronto 6 12 0 397 498 20,018 Coach of the Year Wally Buono (BC)
West:             Playoffs Ham 52 @ Mtl 44
BC 11 7 0 511 385 29,725   Cgy 19 @ Edm 33
Edmonton 11 7 0 427 401 34,625   Ham 3 @ Wpg 19
Calgary 11 7 0 511 476 30,539   Edm 23 @ BC 40
Saskatchewan 5 13 0 346 482 29,940 Grey Cup BC 34 Winnipeg 23

For Wally Buono's final season as a head coach the B.C. Lions went all out leading the West division and capturing the Grey Cup at a renovated and spectacular B.C. Place. Quarterback Travis Lulay became a star and was named the League's Most Outstanding Player. Edmonton and Calgary finished with identical records to B.C. with the Stampeder season ending in bitter disappointment as Drew Tate succeeded Henry Burris as the clubs starter. Jerome Messam put up over 1,000 yards with the Eskimos to be named the League's top Canadian. Saskatchewan went through the Greg Marshall era in quick order replacing him with Ken Miller by Labour Day to end the season with a league worst 5 victories. Winnipeg got hot late with Chris Garrett at running back leading them through the stretch and the playoffs. Anthony Calvillo continued to put up big numbers but the Alouette defence was uncharacteristically generous. Kevin Glenn took the Tiger Cats to the East Final but the club whimpered out in Winnipeg. Cleo Lemon wore out his welcome in Toronto and left the club partway through a disappointing season for the Argonauts.


-- 2012 --


East: W L T F A Avg Att Most Outstanding Player Chad Owens (Tor)
Montreal 11 7 0 478 489 22,457 Most Outstanding Canadian Jon Cornish (Cgy)
Toronto 9 9 0 445 491 23,690 Most Outstanding Defensive Player J.C. Sherritt (Edm)
Winnipeg 6 12 0 376 531 27,981 Most Outstanding Rookie Chris Matthews (Wpg)
Hamilton 6 12 0 538 576 25,724 Coach of the Year Scott Milanovich (Tor)
West:             Playoffs Edm 26 @ Tor 42
BC 13 5 0 481 354 30,356   Sask 30 @ Cgy 36
Calgary 12 6 0 534 431 28,665   Tor 27 @ Mtl 20
Saskatchewan 8 10 0 457 409 32,351   Cgy 34 @ BC 29
Edmonton 7 11 0 422 450 34,318 Grey Cup Toronto 35 Calgary 22

The 2012 season was filled with the pomp and circumstance of the 100th Grey Cup including a country wide train showcasing the trophy and its history. The Toronto Argonauts were more than able hosts as they capped the season of celebration with a victory over the Calgary Stampeders. Ricky Ray paid dividends in his first season in Toronto teaming with running back Chad Kackert (pictured) and Chad Owens (Most Outstanding Player) to lead the offence. Anthony Calvillo turned in another stellar season for the Alouettes who came up short in the East Final. Winnipeg and Hamilton struggled with an anemic offence plaguing the Bombers and defence being the main culprit in Steeltown. The BC Lions under Mike Benevedes captured the West but fell to the Kevin Glenn led Stampeders in the West Final. Saskatchewan improved under new coach Corey Chamblin and Edmonton struggled to find consistency at quarterback in the wake of trading Ricky Ray.





-- 2013 --

East: W L T F A Avg Att Most Outstanding Player Jon Cornish (Cgy)
Toronto 11 7 0 507 458 21,926 Most Outstanding Canadian Jon Cornish (Cgy)
Hamilton 10 8 0 453 468 13,298 Most Outstanding Defensive Player Chip Cox (Mtl)
Montreal 8 10 0 459 471 23,004 Most Outstanding Rookie Brett Jones (Cgy)
Winnipeg 3 15 0 361 585 30,640 Coach of the Year -
West:             Playoffs Mtl 16 @ Ham 19
Calgary 14 4 0 549 413 29,263   BC 25 @ Sask 29
Saskatchewan 11 7 0 519 398 32,096   Ham 36 @ Tor 24
BC 11 7 0 504 461 28,311   Sask 35 @ Cgy 13
Edmonton 4 14 0 421 519 32,096 Grey Cup Saskatchewan 45 Hamilton 23

Jon Cornish dominated the league as a Canadian born star in a way not seen in over 40 years. The BC native had 1,813 rushing yards to break his previous record of yards by a Canadian back. He was named the Leagues Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Canadian. Cornish's Stampeder would finish tops in the league at 14-4 but lose to Saskatchewan in the West final. Saskatchewan would cap the season with a Grey Cup victory at home in Mosaic Stadium powered by the duo of quarterback Darian Durant and running back Kory Sheets. The B.C. Lions would have a strong season welcoming Emmanual Arceneaux back into the fold but would fall to Saskatchewan in the playoffs. Edmonton had a dismal season but found their quarterback in Mike Reilly. The Argonauts survived the Grey Cup hangover to finish tops in the East with back-up quarterback Zach Collaros providing a number of late game heroics while Ricky Ray when healthy was near perfect. Hamilton had a strong year in temporary confines at Guelph under new coach Kent Austin with Henry Burris leading the charge. Anthony Calvillo was injured partway through the year suspecting the end of a legendary career. The defence led the Alouettes with Chip Cox capturing his first top defensive player award. Heisman winner Troy Smith brought hope for the future at quarterback in Montreal and Winnipeg limped to the finish under lame duck coach Tim Burke and a revolving door of ineffective quarterbacks.


-- 2014 --

East: W L T F A

Avg Att

Most Outstanding Player Solomon Elimimian (BC)
Hamilton 9 9 0 417 395


Most Outstanding Canadian Jon Cornish (Cgy)
Montreal 9 9 0 360 394


Most Outstanding Defensive Player Solomon Elimimian (BC)
Toronto 8 10 0 450 456


Most Outstanding Lineman Brett Jones (Cgy)
Ottawa 2 16 0 278 465


Most Outstanding Rookie Dexter McCoil (Edm)
            Coach of the Year John Hufnagel (Cgy)
Calgary 15 3 0 511 347


Playoffs BC 17 @ Montreal 50
Edmonton 12 6 0 492 340


  Saskatchewan 10 @ Edm 18
Saskatchewan 10 8 0 399 441


  Montreal 24 @ Hamilton 40
BC 9 9 0 380 365


  Edmonton 18 @ Calgary 43
Winnipeg 7 11 0 397 481


Grey Cup Calgary 20 Hamilton 16

Ottawa returned to the league in a fabulously refurbished Lansdowne Park dubbed TD Place Stadium. With Henry Burris at the helm there were high expectations. Two victories were a disappointment but 9 consecutive sell-outs put an exclamation point on the club's return. Calgary was the class of the league leading throughout with Bo Levi Mitchell impressing at quarterback and Jon Cornish delivering outstanding totals in just 9 games due to injury. They capped the season with a thrilling Grey Cup victory over Hamilton who returned to the big game for a second season under Kent Austin this time with sophomore quarterback Zach Collaros at the controls as they moved into fabulous (albeit very delayed) Tim Horton's Field. Edmonton was impressive under first year head coach Chris Jones who's swarming defence and powerful offence gave everyone troubles except the Stampeders. BC was inconsistent with an injured Travis Lulay being replaced by Kevin Glenn. Amidst the Lions woes Solomon Elimimian posted a record number of tackles and cemented his status in league history as the first defensive player to be named Most Outstanding Player. Drew Willy started the season hot and gave hope to the Blue Bombers future under head coach Mike O'Shea. Montreal turned the page on Troy Smith and found a keeper on quarterback Jonathan Crompton while stand-out receiver Duron Carter turned many heads as they stormed into the playoffs and through the 2nd half. The Argonauts struggled to find stability both on and off the field with Ricky Ray holding down the fort to post strong totals amidst a revolving door of receivers.


-- 2015 --

East: W L T F A

Avg Att

Most Outstanding Player Henry Burris (Ott)
Ottawa 12 6 0 464 454


Most Outstanding Canadian Brad Sinopoli (Ott)
Hamilton 10 8 0 530 391


Most Outstanding Defensive Player Adam Bighill (BC)
Toronto 10 8 0 438 499


Most Outstanding Lineman Sirvincent Rogers (Ott)
Montreal 6 12 0 388 402


Most Outstanding Rookie Derel Walker (Edm)
            Coach of the Year Rick Campbell (Ott)
Edmonton 14 4 0 466 341


Playoffs Toronto 22 @ Hamilton 25
Calgary 14 4 0 478 346


  BC 9 @ Calgary 35
BC 7 11 0 437 486


  Hamilton 28 @ Ottawa 35
Winnipeg 5 13 0 353 502


  Calgary 31 @ Edm 45
Saskatchewan 3 15 0 430 563


Grey Cup Edmonton 26 Ottawa 20
The Edmonton Eskimos returned to dominance overcoming a number of key injuries including to their quarterback Mike Reilly in the first game of the season. To close out the year they won 11 games in a row capped with a 26-20 win over the surprise Ottawa Redblacks in the Grey Cup. The Eskimos were dominant on defence and uncovered a gem in rookie receiver Derel Walker. Edmonton defeated the Stampeders in the West Final to finally get past their provincial rivals as John Hufnagel coached his final game as a Stampeder moving full time into the GM role. B.C. struggled under new coach Jeff Tedford but found a potential star in Quarterback Jonathon Jennings who had instant chemistry with receiver Emmanual Arceneaux. Winnipeg and Saskatchewan had forgettable years on the prairie with a carousel of quarterbacks and lack of depth to replace injured starters. In the East Ottawa had a terrific season with Henry Burris posting impressive totals spreading the ball around to his talented receiving corps including four 1,000 yard seasons for Chris Williams, Greg Ellingson, Earnest Jackson and Brad Sinopoli. The team went 12-6 after its 2-16 expansion year and put the East on notice capped with a thrilling victory over Hamilton in the East final. Toronto endured a tumultuous year playing 'home' games in Fort McMurray, Ottawa and Hamilton due to stadium conflicts. Through it all quarterback Trevor Harris emerged as a future start with rookie wideouts; Tori Gurley, Vidal Hazelton and Kevin Elliott bringing excitement. Montreal endured a difficult season with Jim Popp replacing Tom Higgins mid-year and not bringing the turnaround expected. The club did bring in veteran quarterback Kevin Glenn to help stabilize the position for 2016.


-- 2016 --

East: W L T F A

Avg Att

Most Outstanding Player Bo Levi Mitchell (Cgy)
Ottawa 8 9 1 486 498 24,673 Most Outstanding Canadian Jerome Messam (Cgy)
Hamilton 7 11 0 507 502 24,001 Most Outstanding Defensive Player Solomon Elimimiam (BC)
Montreal 7 11 0 383 416 20,378 Most Outstanding Lineman Derek Dennis (Cgy)
Toronto 5 13 0 383 568 16,380 Most Outstanding Rookie DaVaris Daniels (Cgy)
            Coach of the Year Dave Dickinson (Cgy)
Calgary 15 2 1 586 369 27,474 Playoffs Edm 24 @ Ham 21
BC 12 6 0 545 454 21,056   Winnipeg 31 @ BC 32
Winnipeg 11 7 0 497 454 25,936   Edmonton 23 @ Ottawa 35
Edmonton 10 8 0 549 496 30,998   BC 15 @ Calgary 42
Saskatchewan 5 13 0 350 530 31,327 Grey Cup Ottawa 39 Calgary 33
The Calgary Stampeders dominated the league like few others in history posting just 2 losses in the regular season. Bo Levi Mitchell was dominant and efficient capturing Most Outstanding Player honours while Jerome Messam led the league in rushing and was named top Canadian. The combination of a dominating defence and efficient offence under 1st year head coach Dave Dickinson was unexpectedly upended in the Grey Cup by the Ottawa Redblacks and the veteran presence of Henry Burris. It was a stunning end for the Stampeders falling in overtime of a classic Grey Cup hosted at BMO field. Ottawa took a sub .500 records in the East to a convincing East final win over the Edmonton Eskimos in a snowy setting and then the ultimate upset of Calgary for the cities first Grey Cup in 40 years. Ottawa again was led by a receiving core with 4 players over 1,000 yards (Ellingson, Jackson, Sinopoli, Williams) as Trevor Harris teamed with Burris for a potent 1-2 QB punch. The West dominated with BC and Winnipeg returning to relevance with strong quarterback play from Jonathon Jennings and Matt Nicholls. Nicholls took over for a struggling Drew Willy and led the Blue Bombers to 8 straight victories. Edmonton was solid but inconsistent with Mike Reilly at the helm and Adarius Bowman and Derel Walker starring at receiver. Saskatchewan closed out Taylor Field with some late promise to their season as Chris Jones got acclimated. Hamilton was decimated with injuries at receiver and suprising struggles from Zach Collaros returning from injury. Montreal sputtered with Jim Popp as GM/Coach and he ultimately was removed from both positions after 20+ years of success as GM. Jacques Chapdelaine took over and provided a spark and hope to the Montreal faithful with Vernon Adams Jr. showing some promise at QA. In what was looked to be a game changing year for the Argonauts at BMO field they struggled mightily with Ricky Ray showing his age and wear with injuries and some questionable player moves contributing to an uncertain future for the Boatmen.

- 2017 --

East: W L T F A

Avg Att

Most Outstanding Player Mike Reilly (Edm)
Toronto 9 9 0 482 456 13,913 Most Outstanding Canadian Andrew Harris (Wpg)
Ottawa 8 9 1 495 452 24,523 Most Outstanding Defensive Player Alex Singleton (Cgy)
Hamilton 6 12 0 443 545 23,722 Most Outstanding Lineman Stanley Bryant (Wpg)
Montreal 3 15 0 314 580 19,522 Most Outstanding Rookie James Wilder Jr. (Tor)
            Coach of the Year Marc Trestman (Tor)
Calgary 13 4 1 523 349 27,381 Playoffs Sask 31 @ Ottawa 20
Winnipeg 12 6 0 554 492 27,671   Edmonton 39 @ Wpg 32
Edmonton 12 6 0 510 495 32,435   Sask 21 @ Toronto 25
Saskatchewan 10 8 0 510 430 32,796   Edmonton 28 @ Cgy 32
BC 7 11 0 469 501 19,858 Grey Cup Toronto 27 Calgary 24
Marc Trestman returned to the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts and set a consistent tone throughout the year building to a 9-9 record and ultimately a snowy Grey Cup win in Ottawa over the Stampeders. Ricky Ray was rejuvenated posting outstanding totals and remaining healthy. Running back James Wilder Jr. emerged at Labour Day as a difference making power back to help propel the Boatmen. The Argonauts victory came at the expense of the Calgary Stampeders who again were defeated as prohibitive favourites. Bo Levi Mitchell battled injuries but posted solid numbers as the Offence and Defence of Calgary were the envy of the league. Winnipeg served notice as a consistent contender under Mike O'Shea and Matt Nichols with Andrew Harris as the ultimate dual threat out of the backfield. Winnipeg battled injuries down the stretch falling to the streaky Eskimos led by Most Outstanding Player Mike Reilly and CJ Gable acquired from Hamilton. Saskatchewan performed will led by the quarterbacking duo of Kevin Glenn and Brandon Bridge at the brand new and fabulous Mosaic Field. The Canadian born Bridge demonstrated incredible athletic gifts staking claim as the next great Canadian born QB hope. BC struggled with consistency among their star players as Wally Buono served a long-list of roles for the club. Ottawa struggled to transition out of Henry Burris' shadow and lost a number of close games. Hamilton was abysmal until the arrival of June Jones as coach who breathed life into a listless club and revealed Jeremiah Masoli and Brandon Banks as stars. Montreal looked old and slow with Darian Durant and a number of 35+ players past their best before date. At a league level Randy Ambrose came on as Commissioner in July and instantly gave the league credibility with decisive, knowledgeable action. Capped with a thrilling Grey Cup at the incredible Lansdowne entertainment site the league gained momentum and finished strong.


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