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Canadian Inter-University Sport (CIS) formerly the CIAU is the #1 pipeline for professional talent to the Canadian Football League via the annual college draft. League rules dictate a designated number of non-imports on each teams roster. This requirement has not restricted terrific contributions from a number of Canadian stars out of Canadian Universities. While a significant number of Canadian born talent play in the United States College Football system there is a greater contingent that comes from the CIS. The Canadian Football League is a league for all types of stars to evolve develop and become stars. From top flight U.S. collegiate talent, National Football League cast-offs to Canadian University Stars the leagues history has it all. Below is an index of the profiled CFL stars from Canadian Universities.


Larry Smith from Bishops with the Alouettes in the 1975 Grey Cup


Team Pos College Yrs Grey Cup
Paul Masotti Tor R Acadia 1988-99 3
Jamie Stoddard Wpg R Alberta 2000-08 0
Nick Arakgi Mtl R Bishops 1979-87 0
Leroy Blugh Edm DE Bishops 1989-02 1
Larry Smith Mtl RB Bishops 1972-80 2
Wally Zatylny Ham R Bishops 1988-94 1


Mike O'Shea out of Guelph celebrates the 2004 Argonaut Grey Cup victory


Don Blair Edm.BC/Cgy R Calgary 1996-02 1
Stu Laird Cgy DL Calgary 1984-96 1
Greg Vavra Cgy QB Calgary 1984-88 0
Gerry Organ Ott K Guelph 1971-83 2
Mike O'Shea Tor LB Guelph 1993-08 3
Wade Miller Wpg LB Manitoba 1995-05 0
Michael Soles Mtl RB McGill 1989-99 1


Russ Jackson Ott QB McMaster 1958-69 3
Jesse Lumsden Ham RB McMaster 2005-10 0
Mike Morreale Ham R McMaster 1995-06 2
Eric Lapointe Mtl RB Mount Allison 1999-06 2
Rocky Dipietro Ham R Ottawa 1978-91 2
Neil Lumsden Edm RB Ottawa 1976-85 3


Jock Climie Mtl R Queens 1990-01 0
Mike Schad Ott OL Queens 1995 0
Gary Schreider Ott RB Queens 1956-64 1
Ron Stewart Ott RB Queens 1958-70 3
Jim Young BC R Queens 1967-79 0


Jason Clermont (Regina) was a star receier for the B.C. Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders


Bob Poley Sask/Cgy OL Regina 1978-92 1
Jason Clermont BC R Regina 2002-11 1
Steve Mazurak Sask R Regina 1973-80 0
Jon Ryan Wpg P Regina 2004-05 0
Dan Farthing Sask R Saskatchewan 1991-01 0
Gene Makowsky Sask OL Saskatchewan 1995-11 1


Doug Brown Wpg DL Simon Fraser 2001-11 0
Dave Cutler Edm K Simon Fraser 1969-84 6
Nick Hebeler BC DL Simon Fraser 1979-86 1
Orville Lee Ott RB Simon Fraser 1988-92 0
Sean Millington BC RB Simon Fraser 1991-02 2
Lui Passaglia BC K Simon Fraser 1976-00 3
Dave Stala Mtl/Ham R St. Mary's 2003-15 1


Vince Danielsen Cgy R UBC 1994-01 1
Don Moen Tor LB UBC 1982-94 2
Paul Osbaldiston Ham K UBC 1986-03 2
Glen Suitor Sask DB UBC 1984-94 1
Tony Proudfoot Mtl DB UNB 1973-79 2


Dave Sapunjis out of Western celebrates the 1995 West Final Stampeder victory with Doug Flutie


Frank Cosentino Ham QB Western 1960-69 2
Duane Forde Cgy RB Western 1991-02 2
Blake Marshall Edm RB Western 1987-93 2
Dave Sapunjis Cgy R Western 1990-96 1
Whit Tucker Ott R Western 1962-70 2
Tyrone Williams Tor R Western 1995-96 1


Paul Bennett Wpg DB Wilfrid Laurier 1977-87 1
Ken Evraire Ham WR Wilfrid Laurier 1988-97 0
Corey Grant Sask R Wilfrid Laurier 1999-09 2
Andre Talbot Tor R Wilfrid Laurier 2001-10 1



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