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Saskatchewan celebrates their 1989 Grey Cup Championship

Redemption is spelt F-L-U-T-I-E in 1992

Doug Flutie the 1984 Heisman trophy winner came to the CFL in 1990 with the B.C. Lions he quickly established himself as a star in the league and by 1992 having joined Calgary was obliterating league records. The popular Flutie led the Stampeders potent offence to an extremely productive season taking the club to the Grey Cup versus Winnipeg at Skydome. Calgary would handily defeat the Blue Bombers 24-10. Having been bumped around the NFL and had hi ability doubted by many it was sweet redemption for the 5'9" Flutie. Flutie signed a lucrative multi-year multi-million dollar deal with Calgary and the future looked bright for him remaining a Stampeder. Things would of course change and Doug would find success in the NFL eventually however in 1992 it was a championship in the CFL that gave him his first taste of redemption.

Thriller in 1987 capped by rookie kicker Kauric clinching field goal

Henry 'Gizmo' Williams had a 115 yard missed field goal return. Both teams put up big points in what is considered one of the greatest Grey Cups in history. Toronto battled all game knocking Eskimo starter Matt Dunigan out of the game. Damon Allen was capable replacing Dunigan and Edmonton clinched the game on the final play with an heroic 49 yard field goal from rookie kicker Jerry Kauric. Both teams took advantage of the perfect conditions at B.C. Place to put up big points. In what was the 75th Grey Cup the Eskimos matched their hockey playing neighbors in the Oilers by being crowned champions. It was this embarrassment of riches that led Edmonton to coin the phrase City of Champions.

Late turnover costs Lions Grey Cup in thriller at Lansdowne 1988

A tipped ball deep in Winnipeg territory late in the game ended up in Blue Bombers hands as they held on to defeat the B.C. Lions 22-21 in the 1988 Grey Cup. It was a thrilling contest with the high powered offence of the Lions led by quarterback Matt Dunigan facing off against the league's best defence in the Blue Bombers. the Blue Bombers would be triumphant in cold conditions in the nation's capital. It was Winnipeg's 9th Grey Cup in franchise history and 2nd of the 1980's.

'The Catch' Gabriel clinches Cup and glory for Ottawa in 1976

Arguably the greatest Grey Cup game ever played occured in 1976 at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. The Ottawa Rough Riders led by sophomore pivot Tom Clement faced Ron Lancaster and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. No-one got caught up on the names as the two sides treated fans across the country to heart stopping action. The games reached a creshendo in the final minutes as Clements escaped the pass rush and found an open Tony Gabriel behind the coverage. Known as 'The Catch" Gabriel clinched the victory for Ottawa as fans flooded the field. A thrilling triumph for Ottawa.

Rocket Ismail leaves his mark in frosty Winnipeg

The 1991 Toronto Argonauts were a dream team. Bruce McNall, John Candy and Wayne Gretzky spared no expense in assembling premiere talent from quarterbacks Matt Dunigan and Ricky Foggie to Michael 'Pinball' Clemons and Darrell K Smith. The big splash was rookie receiver returner Raghib Ismail stolen from the NFL who provided electrifying returns. His 87 yard punt return swung the momentum to Toronto in the Grey Cup versus a scrappy Calgary Stampeder team. It was the coldest Grey Cup in history at minus 20 celsius with the wind-chill. Ismail and quarterback Matt Dunigan playing with a broken collar-bone led Toronto to the victory.

Ned Armour more than admirable fill-in for Swervin' Mervyn

The British Columbia Lions were led throughout 1985 by the formidable tandem of quarterback Roy Dewalt and receiver Mervyn Fernandez. A late season injury meant that Fernandez was not able to play in the Grey Cup and the Lions turned to Ned Armour and Jim Sandusky to lead the passing attack. The result was a thrilling 37-24 victory over Hamilton. Ken Hobart led a spirited fight from the Tiger Cats but it was the Lions led by coach Don Matthews who would reign supreme and capture the franchise's 2nd Grey Cup. Fernandez would move on to the Los Angeles Raiders after the season as Hamilton would return to the big game in 1986 to make amends.

Lui Passaglia wins it at home for Canada in 1994

The Baltimore CFLers were in their first season in the CFL when they suprised everyone and advanced to the 1994 Grey Cup in Vancouver. The Don Matthews led Baltimore side had improved all season and were a formidable opponent for the home town B.C. Lions. The Lions had a cinderella run to the final, defeating the heavily favoured Calgary Stampeders led by Doug Flutie. It was Darren Flutie who provided the clutch catches for the Lions to make the big game. The game was an absolute classic as National Pride took center stage. Lions ageless kicker Lui Passaglia put the capper on a Lions victory for the ages with a winning kick as time expired. B.C. Place rocked and Canada celebrated

In 1971 - the high profile Argonauts fell in the big game to Calgary

The 1971 Toronto Argonauts were a star studded team stocked with American College

superstars and some superb Canadian talent. After decase of ineptitude the Argonaut owner opened the coffers to entice a lot of big name talent to join the team. Under coach Leo Cahill the Boatman did not disappoint and made it to the Grey Cup to face the underdog Calgary Stampeders. Calgary led by Wayne Harris on defence and Jerry Keeling on offence were steady throughout the contest to upset Toronto and capture the game 14-11 in wet conditions at B.C.'s Empire Stadium. A controversial fumble by Toronto tailback Leon McQuay had a huge impact on the game. McQuay slipped fell on the soaked turf and the ball came loose as he was hit - the officials called it a fumble. The conditions assuredly were a factor but Calgary was victorious as underdogs. Read more on the game and the fumble.

Snow Bowl in Steeltown 1996 - Grey Cup Classic

By the end of the 1996 CFL season the league was in financial trouble. There were loud rumblings that the league would cease to exist after the Grey Cup that November in Hamilton. The Grey Cup in Hamilton was played in a snow storm but proved to be one of the most entertaining championships in league history. Numerous highlight reel plays punctuated 80 points in combined offence as Toronto edged Edmonton 43-37 in the classis duel. The snow removal equipment at Ivor Wynne Stadium could not keep up with the snow but the offences and special teams did not seem to mind. Doug Flutie proved his cold weather critics wrong and Eddie Brown pulled off a miracle catch kick back up to his hands that lives on in CFL and Grey Cup lore. An incredible diplay of football in a purely Canadian atmosphere - Grey Cup 1996 was what Canadian football in all about. Read more about this incredible match-up.

Johnny Rodgers & Larry Highbaugh head-to-head in 1974

Two of the fastest and most athletic players in league history faced off as the marquee duel in the 1974 Grey Cup played at Vancouver's Empire Stadium. Montreal Alouettes Johnny Rodgers dueled with Edmonton Eskimo defensive back Larry Highbaugh all game long. Highbaugh had world class speed but was not able to stop Rodgers on that day, Rodgers had 67 receiving yards in a 20-6 victory for Montreal. Jimmy Jones started at quarterback for Montreal and was replaced by Sonny Wade who was named offensive MVP of the game. Highbaugh would taste defeat in 1975 but he would go on to capture the Grey Cup 6 times later in his career as part of the Edmonton Eskimo dynasty. Read more about the battle between 2 of the biggest stars in the CFL in the 1970's.

Rider Pride Nationwide in 1989

In 1989 after 23 years without the Saskatchewan Roughriders won their second Grey Cup in

franchise history. A thrilling 43-40 victory over the Hamilton Tiger Cats in what many consider the greatest championship game in CFL history. The game was an offensive display with Saskatchewan pivot Kent Austin and Hamilton's Mike Kerrigan trading big plays at the new Skydome in Toronto. Tiger Cat receiver Tony Champion put up a tremendous effort in a losing cause playing with broken ribs and hauling in two scores one of which widely considered the greatest catch in football. It was kicker Dave Ridgway who would seal the victory for the underdog Roughriders with no time remaining to clinch the victory. Saskatchewan had upset Calgary and the 16-2 Edmonton Eskimos to make it to the Grey Cup. Recap the game with an article from Allan Maki.

25 years later... Als return to Grey Cup glory in 2002 By CFL-H

The Montreal Alouettes ceased operations on the eve of the 1986 season. Montreal had last won the Grey Cup in 1977 versus Edmonton with a 41-6 triumph. Montreal returned to the league in 1996 and made it to the title game in 2000 only to come up short versus the B.C.Lions 28-26. Montreal the class of the Eastern division returned to the Championship in 2002 to face the Edmonton Eskimos. Edmonton was hosting the game and had the decided home field advantage. However, in the end it was Montreal who captured the Grey Cup 25-16. Anthony Calvillo efficiently delivered the ball to a wealth of receivers including Jermaine Copeland, Ben Cahoon, Pat Woodcock. Montreal was too much for Edmonton and for the first time since 1977 the Alouettes were Grey Cup champions. Read more about the game.

Staples contribute to an Alouettes rout in 1977

In 1977 the Montreal Alouettes had an outstanding season and reached the title game which the would be hosting in their concrete behemoth. The roof for the structure had not been completed and the elements produced an icy field with little traction. Two Alouette players (Tony Proudfoot and Wally Buono) with a little ingenuity came up with the idea of staples in the bottom of the teams cleats. The tactic worked, with the Eskimos sliding all over the slippery surface the sure-footed Als waltzed to a 41-6 destruction of the Alouettes. Little did the teams know that the victory for the Als would be their last for 25 seasons. For the Eskimos the defeat would be the last defeat before a 5 season championship dynasty. It was a classic game. Read more from a Sports Illustrated feature on the game.




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