Over the years countless CFL fans have customized and edited popular console football games to bring some flavour of the Canadian game. Some fans edited player info and imported logos to reflect the CFL in the Madden series while others have assembled teams comprised of players with some connection to Canada or the CFL. I recall updating rosters of the 1990s front page sports football title to allow Reggie Slack to roll out and throw a deep pass to Gerald Wilcox.


It has been a long held frustration for fans that the complete 3-down experience has not been available on XBox or Playstation to play the game so many Canadians and football fans love. Within this landscape of prohibitive cost and investment, Canuck Play an independent Canadian video game company has emerged with a product targeted for June 2017 to provide the Canadian football experience on XBox One. Through dedication and determination that could only come from true fans the game is taking shape. Screen and video teasers have been shared that show a visually stunning product. To see stadiums appear that every fan knows with 20 yard end zones adorned with team colours the excitement is continuing to build.


The Canadian Football League has declined to participate or endorse the product instead choosing to continue with limited league exposure into the Madden Mobile gaming property. In spite of this Canuck Play continues to forge ahead with a Canadian built product against all odds. There was a time in the late 1980s into the 90s when the Canadian Football League itself lacked support of major sponsors who considered it too minor league to support. The league persevered through this period to grow and succeed against the odds by embracing that it was uniquely Canadian and accessible to all fans.


In an ideal world the game is delivered and the stunning visuals come to life with game play that conveys the beauty of Canadian football. This then leads the Canadian Football League and Canadian Football Players Association to acknowledge the success and potential of the game by putting their support and licensing behind it.


Who would question the benefits of a branded product featuring Darian Durant, Jerome Messam or Zach Collaros to promote and grow the league?


You can purchase the game now for PC on Steam here and in XBOX One Online.


Canuck Play has been diligent listening to user and making upgrades and patches. The sky is the limit for this title.

Get behind this to support the idea and build a foundation for future versions and CFL & CFLPA licensing.


You can also follow Canuck Play on twitter or facebook.



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