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Fred Stamps #2

U of Lafayette - 2007-14 - Receiver

 Fred Stamps exuded class and elite football talent when he arrived in Edmonton in 2007. He quickly established himself as a star receiving passes from Ricky Ray for 8 seasons. Overcoming injuries he posted 5 seasons over 1,000 yards receiving and was a 4-time league all-star leading the league in receiving twice (2009, 2013). He was a lone bright spot for some middling Eskimo teams and was a definite fan favourite.


Kamau Peterson - New Hampshire - 2007-10 - Wide Receiver

Jason Tucker - Texas Christian - 2002-08 - Wide Receiver


Jason Maas #12

Oregon - 2000-05, 08-10 - Quarterback

 He stands as one of the most accurate passers in league history with a career competion percentage of 61.1. Jason Maas spent 9 seasons with the Green & Gold alternating as a solid starting quarterback and among the best back-ups in the country. His crowning moment will be the 2005 season when he twice came off the bench to lead Edmonton to play-off victories on the way to the Grey Cup. The consummate team player Maas would cede the reigns back to Ricky Ray to lead the Eskimos to the 2005 championship.


Ed Hervey #81

USC - 1999-06 - Wide Receiver

Ed Hervey was a star receiver in college with USC. After 2 failed attempts at the NFL he arrived in Edmonton in 1999. Initially a hot tempered albeit productive player, Hervey evolved into one of the most consistent, respected and productive receivers in the league in the 2000's. A two-time Grey Cup champion as a player, Hervey has continued to work in the CFL in management upon retiring in 2007.


Terry Vaughn #3

Arizona - 1999-04 - Wide Receiver

Terry Vaughn had 6 incredibly productive seasons as an Edmonton Eskimo. During his tenure the team enjoyed great success and captured the Grey Cup in 2003. He was one of the top receivers in the the league and led a talented receiving crew that included Jason Tucker, Ed Hervey and Derrel Mitchell. With a hefty contract he was let go by Edmonton prior to the 2005 season and spent 2 more years in the league one each with Montreal and Hamilton. While his departure from Edmonton was not on the best of terms his tenure as an Eskimo was marked with success.


A.J. Gass - Fresno State - 1998-07 - Linebacker

Don Blair - Calgary - 1996-98 - Receiver

Singor Mobley - Washington State - 1995-96, 2000-06 - Linebacker

Sean Fleming - Wyoming - 1992-07 - Kicker

Jim Sandusky - San Diego State/UNLV - 1991-96 - Receiver


Willie Pless #39

Kansas - 1991-97 - Linebacker

 Pless joined the Edmonton Eskimos in 1991 from the B.C.Lions, he had already established himself as an All-star in the league first with Toronto having been named the leagues top rookie in 1986 and then with the Lions. It was with Edmonton however, where Willie had his greatest success. The face of the Eskimo defence for 8 seasons Willie was a perennial All-Star, he captured the leagues top defensive honours a record 5 times. He lead the defence in Edmonton to Grey Cup appearances in 1994 and 1996 capturing the trophy in 1994. When Willie retired in 2002 after a season with Saskatchewan he finished as the leagues all-time leading tackler. The Kansas Jayhawk product was a superstar. Willie's motor never stopped and his agility, speed and tackling prowess have cemented his status as one of the all-time greats to play Canadian Football. Willie was elected to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 2005.


Leroy Blugh - Bishops - 1989-00 - Defensive End

Blake Marshall - Western - 1987-93 - Fullback

Tracy Ham - Georgia Southern - 1987-92 - Quarterback


Henry "Gizmo" Williams #2

East Carolina - 1986-00 - Returner

He spent 14 seasons with the Green & Gold.

Without a doubt the greatest return man in the history of the Canadian Football League, Williams holds numerous records that may never be broken. Over his incredible career he had a spectacular 26 punt return touchdowns. He won the Grey Cup with Edmonton in 1987 and 1993. In the '87 game he returned a missed field goal 115 yards for one of the greatest touchdowns in league history. A remarkable athlete and role model in the community 'Gizmo' is truly one of the all-time legends of Canadian Football.


Damon Allen - Cal State Fullerton - 1985-88, 1993-94 - Quarterback

Larry Wruck - Saskatoon - 1985-96 - Linebacker


Matt Dunigan #16

Louisiana Tech - 1983-87 - Quarterback

Matt Dunigan joined the Edmonton Eskimos in 1983 and after a season as understudy behind Warren Moon, Dunigan was thrust into the starting role in 1984 and never looked back. He threw for 21 touchdowns his first season completing nearly 60% of his passes as starter and rushed for 9 more and over 700 yards. He would go on to play 5 seasons in the Green & Gold and go down as one of tougest, fiercest competitors to play for the Eskimos.


Neil Lumsden - Ottawa - 1980-85 - Fullback

Brian Kelly - Washington State - 1979-87 - Wide Receiver

Tom Scott - Washington - 1978-83 - Receiver


Warren Moon #1

University of Washington - 1978-83 - Quarterback

The exploits of Moon in professional football are unrivaled. Moon started his professional career with Edmonton from the University of Washington. Having been overlooked in the NFL draft as a quarterback, Moon came to Edmonton. He learned behind starter Tom Wilkinson on the greatest dynasty in Canadian Football History. Warren spent 6 seasons in the CFL and won the Grey Cup a remarkable 5 times. He captured the Most Outstanding Player award in his final season in 1983.


Hank Ilesic - St. Joseph's HS - 1977-82 - Punter

Jim Germany - New Mexico State - 1977-83 - Running Back

David Boone - Eastern Michigan - 1977-83 - Defensive End

Waddell Smith - Kansas - 1977-83 - Receiver

Dan Kepley - East Carolina - 1975-85 - Linebacker


Dave Fennell #65

 North Dakota - 1974-83 - Defensive Tackle

Dave Fennell an Edmonton native was the heart and soul of the Eskimo defensive line through the dynasty years. A North Dakota grad he was a 5-time league All-Star and the Defensive Player of the Year in 1978. Dr. Death won 6 Grey Cups in his career.


Roy Bell - Oklahoma - 1972-76 - Running Back

Bruce Lemmerman - Cal State Northridge - 1971-78 - Quarterback

Larry Highbaugh - Indiana - 1971-82 - Defensive Back

George McGowan - Kansas - 1971-78 - Receiver


Tom Wilkinson #12

Wyoming - 1970-81 - Quarterback

Tom Wilkinson has been a fixture in Edmonton for over 30 years. He arrived in Canada in 1967 from Wyoming first with the Toronto Argonauts. After spending time with Toronto and then B.C. Tom found a home with the Eskimos for 10 seasons. Not the flashiest of quarterbacks, Wilkinson was the consummate thinking mans quarterback. Tom established himself with Edmonton capturing the leagues Most Outstanding Player Award in 1974. He would lead Edmonton to 5 Grey Cup Championships and also mentor the next great Eskimo quarterback in Warren Moon. Wilkinson retired in 1981 and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1987. Since retiring from pro football Tom has made a home in Edmonton and lives there to this day.


Dave Cutler - Simon Fraser - 1969-84 - Kicker

Jim Thomas - Mississippi Industrial - 1963-71 - Running Back

Johnny Bright - Drake - 1954-64 - Running Back

Jackie Parker - Mississippi State - 1954-62 - Quarterback

Normie Kwong - North Hill Jr. College - 1951-60 - Fullback


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Commonwealth Stadium

Capacity (60,081)

High Season: 57,901 (1982)

Low Season: 28,465 (1992)

2017 Avg: 32,435


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At just 5'9" and 188 lbs Jim Sandusky made incredible things happen on a football field. As sure handed and dependable as they come, Sandusky was a college star at UNLV who arrived in Edmonton in 1991 after a trade from B.C. in 1988 and 2 years in the NFL with Seattle. A great teacher the Washington State native came out of retirement twice including the Eskimos 1996 Grey Cup run to provide his incredible hands and savvy ability.


For a team to win 5 championships in a row there has to be incredible balance. The five in a row Edmonton Eskimos from 1977-1982 were exceptional in all facets of Canadian Football. Over his 7 seasons Running Back Jim Germany supplied exceptional ability as the teams #1 running back for the teams dynasty run.


Danny Kepley (right) epitomized the Eskimo defense during the teams unprecedented championship run in the late 1970's and early 1980's. His tough, determined and relentless demeanor had a big impact on the entire team. Dan was the anchor of the formidable Alberta Crude defence, he poured his heart into the Green & Gold for 10 seasons. A lasting figure in the history of Eskimo football; Kepley continued his legacy with the club as a defensive coach.


Larry Highbaugh is considered one of the greatest defensive backs ever to play in the Canadian Football League. His speed on the field was unmatched and his abilities as a kick returner helped re-shape the strategy of special teams in the game. The Indiana native spent 11 seasons with the Eskimos joining the team in 1972 from the B.C.Lions. A threat on both sides of the ball Larry was at the core of the Eskimo dynasty and the "5 in a row" championship teams. With his epic battles with Johnny Rodgers of the Montreal Alouettes and flare for the dramatic Highbaugh was one of the leagues top stars in the 1970's. He stands second in league history in interceptions with 66.


Normie Kwong (right) was a dominating fullback in the CFL for 13 seasons. First with Calgary and then 10 seasons with Edmonton, the 'China Clipper' was a force. The Calgary native was twice named the leagues top Canadian and broker the 1,000 rushing plateau on four occasions. Kwong was a vital part of the Eskimos championships in 1954, 55 and 56. An accomplished athlete and an accomplished Canadian, Kwong has gone on to become the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.

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