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Terry Evanshen - Wide Receiver - 1965-1978 - Utah State

Excerpt - Rob Malich - Toronto Argonauts website - 1996


Terry Evanshen was one of the best receivers in CFL history, and was inducted into the Hall-of-Fame in 1984. Tragically, he doesn't remember any of his great career, Over his career he played with Montreal, Calgary, Hamilton and Toronto.


On July 4th, 1988, Evanshen was involved in a terrible car accident just outside of Oshawa. He was left near-death and experienced massive memory loss, which would change his life forever.


"I was at the wall and the good Lord didn't want me in; he pushed me back," said Evanshen. "It wasn't my time yet."

While Evanshen was fortunate enough to escape with his life, his memory was left behind at the accident. When he talks about his career now, it is only from recollections of what his former teammates and family have told him.


"I have to develop the new Terry now, and build up my new memory bank," said Evanshen, who still experiences some short-term memory loss. "Once the brain cells die, they're gone."


Luckily for Evanshen, he had a great support group at home. His wife of 30 years, Lorraine, whom he has known since his youth growing up in Montreal, was a pillar of strength, as were his daughters Tracy Lee, Tara and Jennifer.


"I wasn't a nice person for five years (after the accident)," admitted Evanshen, who during that time went through intense rehabilitation and developed some new perspectives. "There is another purpose in life for me now, and that is to reach people who are involved in tragic situations."


He does that through a variety of charity speaking engagements, where he relates his harrowing experiences to captivated audiences. Evanshen currently gives about one speech a month, but feels he is physically and mentally ready to do one a week.


As for football, Evanshen keeps in touch with the game as much as he can, and is able to provide a worthy critical voice when asked.


"I still have an instinct for the game, that wasn't taken away from me," said Evanshen, who won the Schenley Award as the league's most outstanding Canadian in 1967 and 1971. Terry is one of the greatest Canadian born players ever to play in the CFL. In his one year with the Argos, which came near the end of his career, he had only 11 catches for 136 yards and one touchdown.


excerpt - cflapedia

As a player, Terry Evanshen was one of the outstanding receivers in the history of the CFL. Evanshen broke into the CFL in 1965 with Montreal and as a rookie led the East in receptions with 37. While not a high total by today's standards,


Evanshen's totals would climb over the next several years as the emphasis on the passing game increased in the CFL. Traded to Calgary for 1966, Evanshen led the West in receptions with 67 for 1200 yards, Evanshen had his best year ever in 1967 as he snagged 96 passes for 1662 yards and 17 touchdowns, statistics that would stand up even in todays pass crazy CFL as outstanding. Evanshen played two more seasons in Calgary, to finish off the 1960s and while he didn't match his 1967 monster year again, he had 63 catches in 1968 and 65 in 1969. Traded back East to Montreal in 1970, Evanshen's stats declined, but he rebounded for one more big season with Hamilton in 1975 with 55 catches for 970 yards and 13 touchdowns. 


Evanshen won seven division All-Star honours (1965, 66, 67, 68, 69, 71 and 75) and was named to the All-Canadian team in 1967. Evanshen twice won the Most Outstanding Canadian award (1967 and 1971) and was elected to the CFL Hall of Fame in 1984.


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Terry Evanshen   Utah State
Yr Team C Yds Avg Lg TD
1965 Mtl 37 631 17.1 85 3
1966 Cgy 67 1,200 17.9 109 9
1967 Cgy 96 1,662 17.3 63 17
1968 Cgy 63 1,002 15.9 43 9
1969 Cgy 65 951 14.6 45 8
1970 Mtl 37 625 16.9 48 7
1971 Mtl 50 852 17.0 65 5
1972 Mtl 33 407 12.3 35 3
1973 Mtl 18 278 15.4 64 1
1974 Ham 29 431 14.9 33 1
1975 Ham 55 970 17.6 81 13
1976 Ham 20 307 15.4 26 3
1977 Ham 19 245 12.9 39 0
1978 Tor 11 136 12.4 30 1
Total 14 600 9,697 16.2 109 80