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Nick Hebeler - Defensive End - 1979-86 - Simon Fraser University


Local, Charismatic and talented Nick Hebeler commanded attention as a member of the B.C. Lions. There are not a lot of prominent Canadian born and schooled Defensive Ends in CFL history.  The position of Defensive End is generally filled by an American born import as the position demands explosive strength and strong schooling in pass rushing opposing offensive lineman. One of the few Canadians from a Canadian school who left a mark as a non-import Defensive End was the B.C. Lions Nick Hebeler.


In addition to being an impact Defensive Lineman Nick was the equal to his athletic ability with his character and flamboyance off the field and in the community. The B.C. Lions of the early 1980’s were bright orange and in your face. Hebeler was the leader of the “Orange Crush” attack on defence. With trademark Orange shoes and various hair-do’s to match Hebeler was a fan favourite and an opposing QB’s worst enemy.

Nick Hebeler      
Yr Team Sack Fumb TD
1979 BC - 2 0
1980 BC - 0 0
1981 BC 12.0 2 0
1982 BC 14.0 3 1
1983 BC 2.0 0 0
1984 BC 10.5 1 0
1985 BC 8.0 0 0
1986 Ssk 8.0 2 0
Total 8 54.5 10 1


Hebeler was a local product having gone to university at Simon Fraser. In his 3rd season with the Lions in 1981 Hebeler burst onto the scene with 12 quarterback sacks. Not to be outdone in 1982 he totalled 14 sacks and was named an All-Canadian All-Star. Nick was injured for most of the 1983 season and only played 9 games in 1984 but totalled an incredible 10.5 sacks in those 9 games. 1985 would be Hebeler’s final season with B.C. capped with a Grey Cup victory over Hamilton 37-24. The Vancouver native was traded twice that offseason first to Toronto and 2nd to Saskatchewan where he would complete his final season in the league in 1986.


A talented non-import Defensive End - Nick Hebeler was a great B.C. Lion.