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Steve Mazurak - Receiver - Regina - 1973-80


Steve Mazurak was lights-out on July 19, 1974 - StarPhoenix 22-08-2007

Steve Mazurak was lights-out on July 19, 1974.

That evening at Taylor Field, Mazurak -- who was then a second-year receiver with the Saskatchewan Roughriders -- caught six passes for 158 yards in a 36-15 CFL pre-season victory over the Toronto Argonauts.

The game was notable for other reasons. The fourth quarter included two power failures. The game was called shortly after the second blackout, which occurred with 6:24 remaining.

The Roughriders' home stadium was again darkened Saturday night, when a thunderstorm and subsequent power outage caused a 59-minute delay. When play resumed, Saskatchewan rallied to defeat the Edmonton Eskimos 39-32.

That victory gave Saskatchewan sole possession of first place in the West Division. The Roughriders have a 6-2-0 record for the first time since 1976, when Mazurak was a fourth-year member of the Green and White.

Although the Regina-born Mazurak was a rookie with the 1973 Roughriders, he did not touch the football in CFL action except for 17 punt returns. The following summer, he began to make an imprint as a receiver, catching three TD passes over four exhibition games.

Mazurak recalled that he "solidified a job" during the blackout-shortened game against the Argonauts.

"I only vaguely recall that (Toronto) game," Mazurak, who is now the Roughriders' vice-president of sales and marketing, said Tuesday.

"In those days, we had to go back to the exhibition grounds, where we had our locker room. After the blackout, it was, 'Holy smokes, what do we do?' We filed out toward the bus, singing our crazy songs, because we felt pretty good about the day."

Mazurak had every reason to feel good. On the Riders' opening possession, he caught a 57-yard pass from Ron Lancaster. That long-distance connection set up a short touchdown run by George Reed, to the delight of 12,223 customers.

In the third quarter, Mazurak treated the crowd to another long-gainer -- a 61-yard scoring hookup with a long-forgotten quarterback.

No, it wasn't Lancaster.

Nor was it Randy Mattingly, who ended up serving as Lancaster's backup in 1974.

"Was it Bob Pearce," Mazurak asked.


"Oh my goodness," Mazurak said. "Search, search, search . . ."

It was -- wait for it -- Jim Lindsey.

"Yes! Jim Lindsey!" Mazurak responded. "I remember him. He was a California dreamin' kind of guy. I can see him right now. He had that blonde hair that everybody would die for."

Lindsey was soon released. Mazurak is still a Roughrider.

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Steve Mazurak   Regina  
Yr Team C Yds Avg Lg TD
1973 Ssk 0 0 0.0 0 0
1974 Ssk 17 335 19.7 55 4
1975 Ssk 33 547 16.6 73 5
1976 Ssk 39 599 15.4 59 2
1977 Ssk 52 978 18.8 63 2
1978 Ssk 21 360 17.1 63 2
1979 Ssk 29 358 12.3 32 0
1980 Ssk 46 537 11.7 36 2
Total 8 237 3,714 15.7 77 17