Ottawa Rough Riders

- 1994 -

4 Wins 14 Losses - 4th Place East Division

East: W L T F A Avg Att Most Outstanding Player Doug Flutie (Cgy)
Winnipeg 13 5 0 651 572 23,606 Most Outstanding Canadian Gerald Wilcox (Wpg)
Baltimore 12 6 0 561 431 37,347 Most Outstanding Defensive Player Willie Pless (Edm)
Toronto 7 11 0 504 578 16,841 Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman Shar Pourdanesh (Balt)
Ottawa 4 14 0 480 647 19,409 Most Outstanding Rookie Matt Goodwin (Balt)
Hamilton 4 14 0 435 562 16,688 Coach of the Year Don Matthews (Balt)
Shreveport 3 15 0 330 661 17,870    


Tor 15 @ Balt 34
West:               Ott 16 @ Wpg 26
Calgary 15 3 0 698 355 25,994   BC 24 @ Edm 23
Edmonton 13 5 0 518 401 29,062   Sask 3 @ Cgy 36
BC 11 6 1 604 456 25,274   Balt 14 @ Wpg 12
Saskatchewan 11 7 0 512 454 24,455  

BC 36 @ Cgy 36

Sacramento 9 8 1 436 436 14,189    
Las Vegas 5 13 0 447 622 8,011 Grey Cup

British Columbia 26 Baltimore 23


Danny Barrett had a strong season for Ottawa


Riders 4-14 yet made the playoffs - Gord Holder - Ottawa Citizen - Tue Nov 17 2015

Actually, Danny Barrett says, the Ottawa Rough Riders played pretty well against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers that day.

"It was a blustery, windy day and I want to say it came down to one possession in a nine-or 10-point game," Barrett says. "We gave it our best shot against those guys at that time. Unfortunately, the game ended the way our season started: disappointing." That's one way of putting it.

With "a whole bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes," as their starting quarterback puts it, the 1994 Rough Riders won just four of 18 regular-season games, but they still qualified for the playoffs, making them the last Ottawa-based Canadian Football League franchise to do so until the Redblacks clinched top spot in the East Division and a spot in this year's East final.

Well, "qualified" requires further explanation. The '94 Rough Riders finished fourth in the East and earned a post-season matchup with the first-place Blue Bombers because they held a point-differential tiebreaker advantage against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who also finished 4-14 after losing 16-14 to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on the final day of the CFL season.

"Hamilton lost on that (last) Sunday and we ended up making the playoffs backdoor, but we took that cheque," Barrett says.

Jock Climie, a slotback for the Riders team that lost its last seven regular-season contests, describes the situation as "rather surreal. To be that bad and still in the playoffhunt would have been strange except we were 4-14 and made the playoffs the year before (too)."

Climie watched a television broadcast of that make or break Ticats-Roughriders game in the basement of teammate James "Duke" Ellingson.

"It wasn't like we won and got in the playoffs," Climie says. "We lost and had to watch somebody else lose in order to get into the playoffs. That just goes to show you how pathetic we were as a football team."

The thing, though, was that the '94 season started with a feeling of optimism, says Climie, now an Ottawa lawyer and commentator for TSN telecasts of CFL games. After the relative disappointment of going 9-9 but failing to reach the Grey Cup game in 1992 and being 4-14 in 1993, the Rough Riders brought in the veteran Barrett as No. 1 quarterback, Michael Richardson as starting running back and well-respected Adam Rita as head coach.

Injuries piled up, though, and so did losses, including five defeats by four points or less. In Climie's mind, Rough Riders players had no trouble getting pumped up for the playoffs, but it wasn't a fair fight against the 13-5 Blue Bombers.

"As much as we got up for that game and certainly gave it everything we had, the outcome was a foregone conclusion, and I think we all knew it in the back of our minds. Four-and-14 teams didn't knock offthe first-place teams in the first round," Climie says.

"It was a question of trying to keep it respectable and play hard."

After one more year with the Rough Riders, Barrett returned to the Calgary Stampeders in 1996 for a third stint with that team, and he spent his 16th and final CFL season with the B.C. Lions in 1998. In between, he served as Stampeders quarterbacks coach, charged with development of a crew that included JeffGarcia, Dave Dickenson and Henry Burris.

Yes, that Henry Burris, who's still racking up passing yards by the thousands and has led the Redblacks into the playoffs for the first time.

"Just to look back and say, '1997,' and Henry is still playing and got his team in a position to win first place and win that division as a second-year franchise, and possible league MVP for him in the wings as well, that says a lot about him as a football player, what he has been able to endure through his career, and being healthy is a good sign for him," says Barrett, who has taken over as interim head coach of the University of Central Florida Knights following the mid-season retirement of George O'Leary.

Speaking from an office on the university's Orlando campus, Barrett says he'd advise the Redblacks to play playoffgames just like they would play any of the 18 regular-season contests. According to him, they have nothing to lose and anything else they accomplish in Year 2 as a CFL franchise is a bonus.

"Everybody was doubting Henry early in the year, and the team and coach (Rick) Campbell, but they kept believing in themselves, and that's what they need to do going into these playoffs: believe in themselves and stick to the plan," Barrett says.

Climie, who moved on to the Argos for the 1995 season before concluding his 12-year career with six campaigns as a Montreal Alouette, has a different opinion on the subject. He recommends strongly that those Redblacks who haven't yet experienced the CFL playoffs seek out those who have and get ready for a level of intensity that's "exponentially" higher.

"I would tell them that they need to be prepared for that, and they need to ensure that they're ready to match that intensity," Climie says. "When you're playing against people who have been in the playoffs before, they completely understand that that extra gear needs to be reached.

"And, if you take two quarters to realize it and get there yourself, it will be too late."

Terry Baker kicks it through


1996 Team Statistics



  Passing           Rushing    
Att Cmp Yds Pct. TD Int Lg C Yds Avg Lg TD
Danny Barrett 560 299 4173 53.4 22 16 102 96 550 5.7 22 3
Marquel Fleetwood 63 29 386 46.0 2 2 44 26 168 6.5 25 0


Running Back

  Rushing         Receiving  
C Yds Avg Lg TD C Yds Avg Lg TD
Gerry Collins 105 526 5.1 18 2 31 328 10.6 27 0
Michael Richardson 108 456 4.2 18 5 42 533 12.7 60 3
Darren Joseph 68 280 4.4 50 4 18 185 10.3 24 1
Joe Campbell 45 231 5.1 22 3 6 70 11.7 22 0



  Receiving       Punt Return  
C Yds Avg Lg TD No Yds Avg Lg TD
Jock Climie 46 622 13.5 39 5          
Nick Mazzoli 40 648 16.2 48 2 52 327 6.3 21 0
James Ellingson 35 508 14.5 54 4          
Stephen Jones 32 591 18.5 46 0          
Fred Ward 29 556 19.2 43 6          
Horace Brooks 21 246 11.7 53 1 11 51 4.9 15 0



Conv     Field Goal      
A G % A G % LG Pts
Terry Baker 38 38 100 64 46 71.9 47 190



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Frank Clair Stadium

Avg Att: 19,409


Week 1 v Shreveport


Shreveport 10

Att: 18,134

SB Jock Climie scored three TDs and Michael Richardson added one while controlling the game with 155 yards rushing as the Riders beat their old owners - Bernie and Lonie Glieberman.


Week 2 v. BC

BC 57,


Att: 17149

Lions QB Kent Austin threw four TD passes, including a pair to Freeman Baysinger, as B.C. rolled and K  Lui Passaglia tied Ron Lancaster's CFL record with his 288th career game.


Week 3 @ Edmonton



Att: 27188

Ottawa K Terry Baker went seven-for-seven on FG attempts, but with time running out, Sean Fleming stepped onto the field and nailed a 33 yd field goal for the win.


Week 4 @ Hamilton

Ottawa 53


Att: 12339

Danny Barrett threw three TD passes and Terry  Baker booted 23 points as the Riders hung on for the victory. Earl Winfield scored a club-record 57th TD in his Hamilton career.


Week 5 v. Calgary

Calgary 30


Att: 17163

Mark McLoughlin's fifth FG, a 21-yarder with 1:21 left, lifted the Stampeders, who fumbled a punt the the Riders recovered on the one and tied the game on the next play with 7:35 to go.


Week 6 v Winnipeg

Winnipeg 59,


Att: 19173

Winnipeg 59, OTTAWA 41 (19173) - Ottawa scored 27 straight points to cut the deficit to 35-27 early in the 4th before the Bombers outscored them 24-14 in the final 10 minutes. Blaise Bryant led the Bombers with four TDs.


Week 7 @ Winnipeg


Ottawa 1

Att: 21308

The Bombers led 17-0 when QB Matt Dunigan went down with a knee injury. Sammy Garza threw for 276 yards and two TDs in relief as the Bombers rolled.


Week 8 @ Saskatchewan


Ottawa 19

Att: 21738

Mike Saunders caught two TD passes and ran for one to lift the western Riders. S Glen Suitor intercepted a Marquel Fleetwood pass in the end zone in the 4th as Ottawa tried to rally.


Week 9 v Las Vegas


Las Vegas 50

Att: 17732

Rookie TB Joe Campbell scored the winning TD, his second of the game, in the second five-minute OT as the lead changed six times, including three times in the wild fourth quarter.


Week 10 v Hamilton

Hamilton 28


Att: 17321

Ticat QB Timm Rosenbach threw a pair of first-quarter TD passes in quick succession. His defenders did much of the rest in holding the Riders without a touchdown.


Week 11 @ Toronto

Ottawa 40


Att: 15102

Ottawa QB Danny Barrett was 15 of 28 for 306 yards. Michael Richardson, playing his first game since being injured in the second week of the season, added two TDs for the Riders.


Week 12 v Baltimore Baltimore 42


Att: 20764

Baltimore LB Matt Goodwin scored a pair of TDs off Ottawa punt attempts, the first a 39-yard return of a fumbled snap and the second on a blocked punt that Goodwin returned 30 yards.


Week 13 @ Baltimore


Ottawa 13

Att: 36197

Donald Igwebuike, who was released by the CFL Colts then resigned, kicked four FGs to help Baltimore become the first team in CFL history to earn a playoff berth in its inaugural season.


Week 14 @ Calgary


Ottawa 24

Att: 22615

Will Moore had seven catches for 162 yards, including TDs of 20 and 40 yards, as the Stampeders won their CFL-record 21st consecutive regular season game at McMahon Stadium.


Week 15 v Toronto

Toronto 24


Att: 21028

Marvin Graves completed 18 of 32 pass attempts for 298 yards and Muhammad Shamsid-Deen scored three TDs as the Argos moved closer to clinching a playoff berth.


Week 16 @ Sacramento


Ottawa 9

Att: 13760

Behind a team record 234-yard rushing performance by Troy Mills and a franchise-high 284 total yards on the ground, the Miners rolled to keep Sacramento's playoff hopes alive.


Week 17 v Saskatchewan Saskatchewan 46


Att: 23292

Tom Burgess ran for two TDs and passed for two others to Elbert Turner as Saskatchewan clinched the final playoff spot in the West.


Week 18 @ Shreveport SHREVEPORT 28

Ottawa 24

Att: 32011

Bjorn Nittmo kicked two late FGs as the Pirates withstood a furious Ottawa comeback and edged the Rough Riders to win their third game in their last four contests.


Conference Semi-Finals @ Winnipeg


Ottawa 16

Att: 18888

The Bombers were led by Troy Westwood's six FGs in a steady rain. Winnipeg also received a strong punt coverage and key interceptions from defensive back Bobby Evans in a game played on a soggy field