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Fred Anderson was the greatest supporter of U.S. expansion the CFL ever had. Anderson brought the CFL to Sacramento and the campus of California State University in 1993. Anderson envisioned a new football stadium in Sacramento as a home for his team with the Hornet Field campus site as a temporary fill-in. Initially Anderson was to join the league with a team in San Antonio. The San Antonio Texans were awarded a franchise and then embarrassingly the league watched the finances behind the Texas team disintegrate leaving the Gold Miners to go it alone in 1993.


The Gold Miners brought a number of players over from the defunct World League of American Football's Sacramento Surge in quarterback David Archer and running back Mike Oliphant among others. It would be Oliphant who would score the first ever touchdown for an American based CFL team on July 7, 1993 in a 32-23 loss to the Ottawa Rough Riders to open the 1993 season. 20,082 would turn out in week#2 for the first ever regular season game in Sacramento. The 'Miners would lose that contest as well 38-36 to the Doug Flutie led Calgary Stampeders. The team would finish the 1993 season a respectable 6-12 in their first season. Quarterback David Archer would post incredible totals in his first season in the league with 6,023 yards passing on 702 attempts for 35 touchdowns. The former Atlanta Falcon was an instant CFL star. Rod Harris (pictured) and Titus Dixon would both go over 1,000 yard receiving, with Harris finishing 4th in the league with 1,379. Mike Oliphant led the club in rushing with 760 yarsd and 8 touchdowns.


In 1994 the CFL added franchises in Las Vegas, Shreveport and Baltimore giving the Godl Miners some more local competition. The club still missed the playoffs in 1994 but finished above .500 at 9-8-1 Archer suffered through an injury plagued season missing 6 games. Former Florida Gator star Kerwin Bell filled in admirably for Archer with over 1,800 yards passing for 6 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Despite the addition of the other American clubs attendance dropped for the teams home games from 16,979 in 1993 to 14,229. Hornet Field was definitely losing it's appeal to fans as the antiquated aluminum seating. With no progress on a new football facility and facing the prospect of another season at Hornet Field Anderson elected to re-locate the team out of Sacramento after 2 seasons.


In an ironic ending the Gold Miners moved to San Antonio to become the Texans. Becoming the team that was to have been their expansion partners in 1993.


Fred Anderson has since passed away but his passion and dedication for Canadian Football will always be remembered by those who met him. The Canadian Football League may not have succeeded in Sacramento or San Antonio but it was not due to any lack of effort on the part of Fred Anderson. 



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Hornet Field

Capacity (24,000)

1993 Avg: 16,979

1994 Avg: 14,189


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