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With no progress on a new football facility and facing the prospect of another season at Hornet Field owner Fred Anderson elected to re-locate the team out of Sacramento after 2 seasons. With the additions of Birmingham and Memphis to the league in 1995 there would be a Southern division.


In an ironic twist the Gold Miners moved to San Antonio to become the Texans. Becoming the team that was to have been their expansion partners in 1993. The Texans had the same offence centered on David Archer and added the experience and ability of Mike Saunders to form a potent backfield. Mark Stock an NFL journeymen was the clubs top receiver with 934 yards. Archer had a great season with 4,471 yards passing, 31 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. Mike Saunders finished 2nd in the league with 16 touchdowns (8 rushing 8 receiving). The club finished 12-6 good for 2nd place in  the CFL South division behind Baltimore.


The team also had one of the leagues top kickers in Roman Anderson and a capable back-up in Jimmy Kemp who would go on to play for a number of teams.


The Texans handily beat Birmingham 52-9 in their last game at the Alamodome. The Barracudas were without their quarterback Matt Dunigan and were no match for the high octane Texans offence. San Antonio would move on to face Baltimore in the South Final at Memorial Stadium. In a sloppy affair played on poor field conditions the Texans would lose to the eventual Grey Cup champion Baltimore Stallion 21-11 in their last game ever.


The CFL cancelled the U.S. expansion experiment prior to the 1996 season. Fred Anderson was the last owner in the U.S. willing to continue due to his passion for Canadian Football but ultimately decided to close shop. There was talk that Anderson would move the Texans to Montreal but Jim Speros moved his Grey Cup champions to the city instead.


Fred Anderson has since passed away but his passion and dedication for Canadian Football will always be remembered by those who met him. The Canadian Football League may not have succeeded in Sacramento or San Antonio but it was not due to any lack of effort on the part of Fred Anderson. 



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Alamo Dome

Capacity (59,000)

1995 Avg: 15,855


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