Demetrius Smith arrived in Calgary in 1990. 'Pee Wee' as he was affectionately known became an instant crowd favourite with his speed and returner ability. Smith had a been a star at Santa Monica Junior College before transferring to the powerhouse Miami Hurricanes. As a receiver and returner, Smith was a star for the Hurricanes but he was overlooked by the NFL and came north.


In 1991, Smith's role in the Calgary offence expanded as he caught 36 passes for 467 yards. Smith continued to excel returning punts and kicks taking 2 punts for touchdowns and 1 kickoff 89 yards for a major the only kickoff return TD of his career. The 1991 season was highlighted by Smith's dramatic last second 67 yards touchdown reception from Danny Barrett in the Western Final versus Edmonton.


Down 33-18 after three quarters, Calgary mounted a furious comeback that was capped with 1:02 left to play by Danny Barrett’s 67-yard touchdown pass to Peewee Smith, who memorably ran through the end zone after the score and into a Commonwealth Stadium hallway leading to the locker-rooms.

“It was a deep route for me,” Smith told reporters after the contest. “I saw Danny scrambling and I was coming back to the quarterback. I saw him waving. He put the ball in the air. It was a broken play, so I just took off. I didn’t want anybody to catch me from behind.”

Here is how Stamps offensive lineman Leo Blanchard saw the big play: “I was running down the field and I could see Peewee open but I thought the ball was way overthrown. I can’t believe he got to it, but Peewee just turned on the jets.”

The catch sealed the victory for Calgary and propelled the Stampeders into the Grey Cup versus the powerhouse Toronto Argonauts.


It was the Stampeders first trip to the Grey Cup in 20 years. Calgary would fall to Rocket Ismail and the Argonauts in 1991 but Peewee continued to be a vital part of the Stampeders in 1992 with the arrival of quarterback Doug Flutie.


The Stampeders would not be denied a 2nd time and captured the 1992 Grey Cup in Toronto's Skydome with a victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. On the season Smith would post a career high 5 touchdown receptions and over 900 yards in kickoff returns. Calgary would continue to be the offensive power in the league with Smith getting receptions behind Allen Pitts and Dave Sapunjis. As a popular sports figure in Calgary 'Peewee' was also involved in a rather infamous off field event as told by Allan Maki:


Allan Maki - Globe and Mail 03-04-2009

Demetrius (Pee Wee) Smith was a receiver for the Calgary Stampeders from 1990 to 1995. His biggest claim to fame was catching the dramatic, last-second touchdown pass that helped Calgary defeat the Edmonton Eskimos in the 1991 West Division final.

His biggest claim to infamy was agreeing to run against a car and a horse at a Calgary horse-racing track.

Here's what happened: the organizers got a grader to smooth out a path for Pee Wee while his opponents got fresh, un-trampled dirt. At some point before the race, the car bailed, leaving the showdown to Pee Wee and a horse with no name.

The two rivals lined up in the starting gate; Pee Wee's gate was left open for a quicker take-off. (For the record, he wasn't given a 100-metre advantage like Johnson.) Somebody fired a starter's gun and Pee Wee jumped to an early lead before being showered in dust and dirt.

Afterward, he complained about his footing but attempted to regain his dignity by saying, "I would have beaten the car, though."

No, he wouldn't have, unless the car was on blocks and leaking transmission fluid.


Into 1994 and 1995, Smith's role in the offence continued to expand as he posted over 800 receiving yards both seasons. 1994 he would tally a 106 yards touchdown reception. Injuries would begin to hamper Smith and in by the end of 1995 he was on the shelf as Calgary was defeated by Baltimore in the 1995 Grey Cup. Injuries would bring an end to his career, over 6 seasons 'Pee Wee' brought great excitement to the Stampeder faithful and he was an important part of one of the most potent offences the league has ever seen.